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Prof. Joshua S. Madumulla
VICE CHANCELLORProf. Joshua S. Madumulla


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University of Iringa, an institution of higher learning organized under the aegis of Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT). The University is dedicated to nurturing dynamic and entrepreneurial leaders of today and posterity who will engage and realize their physical and moral potential in serving their immediate and distant communities, their country, and the world at large.

The history of the establishment of the University of Iringa goes back to 1994 when it started as a small theological centre. Today, it is an ever expanding academic corpus providing an assortment of liberal arts, education, and specific technical training, as well as practical experience. The University offers students a healthy balance between social and academic activities, including lectures, discussions, research, paper writing and presentations, internships and placements, public lectures by renowned speackers, social welfare, and cultural and sporting activities.

The University of Iringa has a status of full accreditation by the Higher Education Accreditation Council (HEAC), now know as the Tanzania Commision of Universities (TCU). It has six faculties, namely, Theology, Arts and Social Sciences, Science and Education, Business and Economics, Law, Counselling and Psychology. There are two Institutes, and these are the Institute of Agriculture and the Institute of Micro-Finance. The programmes offered include first and higher degrees, Diplomas, and Certificates.

The job market of the modern world of scientific and technological revolution requires a graduated who can communicate using communication and information technology. It is in that vein that the University of Iringa has taken extra measures to hone up such skills by putting up a modern Computer Laboratory with a competent teaching staff.

In order not to find ourselves on an island of isolation, the University maintains cooperatives links with a number of institutions of higher learning which have international reputation. They include the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA); St. Marks Lutheran Church, St. Paul Area Synod (USA); Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen (Germany); Diaconia University of Applied Sciences (Diak, Finland); the University of Joensuu (Finland); The Aga Khan University; The Maastricht School of Management; and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Academic members from these institutions come and serve as visiting lecturers and Professors in order to reinforce our staff. Currently, our University student enrolment is around 3000, and already the University prides over 3000 graduates who are serving the nation in various capacities. A number of the graduates have advanced themselves in the highest academic echelons.

The University community at large, and the University Management in particular, cordially welcome newcomers, be it students or staff, as well as visitors to the University of Iringa so as to give your contributions to its future, but also to take the opportunity to discover a learning experience that will definitely widen the horizons of your personal, academic, intellectual, and moral boundaries.

Prof. Joshua S. Madumulla

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