Mission, Vision and Core Values


To provide quality training, research and service delivery that will lead to sustainable socio-economic development for Tanzanian, the region and beyond.


The vision of the University of Iringa is to become a centre of excellence for training competent, competitive, ethical, spiritual and entrepreneurial leaders and for quality research and public service of a third generation University.


In order to realize the vision and fulfill its mission, the University of Iringa shall be guided by the following values:

  1. Fear of God in all respects and aspects;
  2. Academic integrity and professional excellence in teaching, research, and service provision;
  3. Accountability and responsibility and commitment to work;
  4. Quality work in training, research and services;
  5. Professional and ethical standards of the highest order, practiced through openness, honesty, tolerance and respect for the individual;
  6. Academic freedom in critical thought and enquiry as well as the open exchange of ideas and knowledge;
  7. Equity and social justice with regard to gender, religion, ethnicity and other social characteristics;
  8. Productivity, innovation and entrepreneurship in all activities of the University underpinned by a dedication to quality, efficiency and effectiveness;
  9. Social responsibility, accountability and leadership in responding to issues and expectations of the society.

Connect with us

University of Iringa, P.O Box 200, Iringa, Tanzania

  Tel: +255 (0) 26 2720900

  Fax: +255 (0) 26 2720904

  E-Mail: uoi@uoi.ac.tz